There’s a great vid on Youtube that encapsulates the main problem. It shows 2 cops, 1 male, 1 female, arresting a black thug. While the male is searching him, a crowd of blacks are all over the cops talking smack. The female cop continually tells them to back up. Not to leave, just back up. Nope. They’re black, the law doesn’t apply to them. They’re yelling stupid stuff like, shoot me, go ahead. Call for backup, we ain’t going nowhere. You get the gist. Then, the perp fights getting into the cruiser, talking smack the whole time. The crowd’s egging him on, and he’s egging the crowd on. Now, I have no idea why this slug was being arrested, but that’s irrelevant. This is what the cops are dealing with on a daily basis. This isn’t the jungles of Africa. This is the USA. We have laws that must be obeyed, by EVERYBODY!